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In this website you will find all you need to know about the experience it is to study in Taiwan. Here you'll see that Taiwan is a very attractive and viable location for you to come and study abroad.

Taiwan has a strong and top of the line higher education system that can bring you many opportunities for students from all over the world in many available fields. Learn the Chinese language and Chinese history, seek a degree in business, study in genetic engineering, agriculture and many, many other subjects from prominent educators and teachers.

The Chinese culture has always prioritized education, therefore you will find in Taiwan a life changing adventure on that will lead you to a bright future in front of you.

Also, the Taiwanese people are warm and welcoming, naturally friendly, so we are sure that your stay will be most enjoyable. There you will find a active modern society combined with a ancient venerable culture, making it an enriching experience. All international students are welcomed to join an take advantage of what Taiwan has to offer. Make it a part of your life experience, travel and study abroad. See what one of the the World's most exotic locations has to offer.

One of the main advantages of deciding to study in Taiwan is the possibility to learn the Chinese language first hand and also have the possibility to apply it to your daily life, making it an priceless opportunity to broaden your horizons.

Among our sections you will find helpful information about what you need to know about Taiwan, historical facts and cultural facts, as well as information about the educational system. Recent information about current events, issues and everyday life in Taiwan.

We aim to give you a clear, picture of the many benefits that studying in Taiwan can bring you so you can make an educated decision.

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